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Mixer Keys

You've probably heard of people "going the extra mile" for their craft. Luckily, I work from home so, while not quite a mile, I'm totally willing to go the extra 28 feet down the hallway to my studio and record some badass audiobooks for your readers. 

I use top end gear, award-winning coaches and the end result is as awesome as I can make it at the current skill level I'm at. Thankfully, I'm much better now than I was on my last project. Sorry last project!!

Contact us today for a custom quote for your project and let us make this as simple for you as possible.  We're committed to your satisfaction.

With an authoritative, commanding voice I can help you voice any type of project.  As a professionally trained Voice Actor, I've had experience recording Audiobooks, Commercials, IVR Systems, Corporate Training, E-Learning, even local YouTube church announcements. I can do it all and you have our "100% Satisfaction or No Payment" guarantee.  Contact me today after you've listened to my samples (yes they're as good as I look) and let's discuss your next project.

Since I've had some requests, here's my studio hardware/software:
Microphone: Neumann BCM-104 Condenser
Interface: FocusRite Scarlett Studio 3rdGen
DAW: Studio One Professional
Mastering: Izotope RX8

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